About Me


I am a birth mom to a beautiful girl named Ava Marie, I’m a mom to an amazing son named Elijah Michael Paul, fashion lover, dreamer, owner of My Truth, tattoo lover, significant other.

I am crazy and wild, I have a passion to feel life to its fullest. I have always felt so enclosed, like I was confined in a box with a hundreds of different labels. This is my healing journey, I’m slowly climbing the mountains to get out of this box! It’s been a journey yet its been so worth it!  As I unravel my feelings, some more painful then others, some happy, some sad, some hard to even face, its amazing to see how far I have come. It’s wanting to embrace the pain in order to heal, and break free, to know who we are meant to be. This is my story;

I Absolutely Love

-Coffee Dates

-Fruit salads 

-People who are adventurous 


-Exploring new places 


-Wild colorful hair 

-People who are themselves

-Meeting new people in the most random places ever

– making my own traditions

-Anything out of the box and full of live

.-The CITY!


Etsy Shop of “My Truth and Company Partner with Red Dirt Apparel. 


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