I dare to WIN

I’ve been told to grow “thick skin” to accept that’s “how the are when it comes to people hostile and rough” yet “I’m soft” I don’t want the world to make me “hard” make me “bitter” I want to love life in its full glory! I’m not going to let “pain” make me one to “hate” anymore. I’m going to let my “bitterness” steal my “sweetness” for now on. I trust in you Lord, you are my God! IMG_3781

I have learned to surround myself around people that get it. People that want to feel life!

I decided that I am and will be uncommon.

I’m not going to let the idiots run my life. This my life, I take charge!

I’m doing this for me.

I’m not ashamed. I am not afraid I’m going to live my story. I am going to be fearless. I am going to embrace the ugly and make it beautiful.

I dare to Win. I dare to be strong. I dare to stand tall. I dare to be happy. 



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