The past couple weeks I have been in the zone. In the zone of working, being a mom, getting my Etsy shop all in line, managing to keep the home all together ( cooking, cleaning, being the best SO I can be, typical home life).

My confidence within myself I have noticed has grown stronger. I’m now at a point where I have found to love all my lines. All my curves. All my stretch marks and be happy with who I am. With how I look like. I’m not just getting stronger physically. I’m getting stronger mentally. IMG_3644

I have battled with a bit of insecure people the past couple of weeks, trying to make my mind, body and soul weaker. Yet I now see that I need to walk with people who believe in me, who support me and give me the unconditional love I need not just to survive, yet to walk taller as a person. To have the CONFIDENCE.


“You are either as beautiful or as ugly you believe you are. You define your beauty. That’s not the power you hand to someone to have over you. You alone are beautiful. You alone make a difference. You alone are worthy.”


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