Something I thought that was just a physical aspect.
Yet I was clearly mistaken. I have now come to terms that strength is also within the mind and soul.
The meaning of strength had changed so much to me throughout the years.
If you were to ask me four years ago I would have said. To be strong, to be able to pick up something heavy.
Then time changed, I slowly started to see that strength also comes within.
Strength is in the mind, strength is in soul, and strength is in the heart.
Being a birth-mom molded me to be stronger.
I let everyone’s negative outlook on me affect me. I let their toxic lies of how “weak” I was define me.
Yet it took me this long to finally knock down that wall and see how strong I really. My worth. My self love. My happiness. My struggle. My life.
I’m thankful for my struggle because without it I wouldn’t have stumbled across my strength. IMG_2546 IMG_2581


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