My Truth Photo Shoot

Today I got to  experience some mixed emotions.

I cried tears of happiness, I cried tears of joy, I cried because this was well, becoming a reality for me.

I put my “My Truth” shirt on today, knowing what was going to happen today.

I shed some tears because this shirt became real, my vision became real. My healing journey became real.

The reason behind the shirt is simply simple,

My Truth-  Our truths are all different, our pain is all the same.

My journey had been hard, its been long, its still not over with.

My healing has just started not too long ago, yet me being this open about it is a new thing, I still don’t know if I’m well, use to it.  

Somedays, I just want to give up. Yet I get that feeling inside me telling me that I can’t, I need to help others fight.

I know I’m doing good, ever since I started this blog, I’ve gotten emails about how I have helped others find ‘their voice” That right there, is an honor.

Just those emails alone make me cry of so much happiness, because well it makes me feel good that I have helped a complete stranger find their inner peace, their inner pain, and facing it and wanting to heal.

This shirt means so much to me. Just thinking about what it means to me right now is making me cry.

 I asked a friend to help me with this project of mine, I felt like it would make us grow and mend all the broken pieces we had, to make us stronger, to make a new chapter for us, thing is I was right. She is blowing up my phone sending me pictures of today right now as I type. I’m crying my eyes out. I’m so happy, I’m happy. I feel strong. I feel so loved.

Derrik’s reaction to these pictures are so positive and supportive, this feeling that I have right now, just stay with me forever, never go away.  

Today was just overall a good day, I had my shoot, cried some happy, sad, healing, moving on, accepting, thankful tears. Set up my Etsy shop, my shirt is up and running.

I made the decision to have half the proceeds go to a birthmom this year and help her go to a retreat. I just feel in my heart its the right thing to do. I want to help heal, and those retreats are life changing.

If I could have a day like today everyday, my life would be so different, yet this is reality and thing is, days like this, I will treasure, its days like this that make me stronger, it’s days like this I learn from, its days like this that help me.

Whatever your heartache is, whatever your pain is, I love you, I accept you.

Your truth is yet your own yet know that you’re not hurting alone.

I love you, forever

Love always,


Etsy shop::::


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